Wednesday, July 28, 2010

mom forward

"Be aware of your surroundings before you stop to help and call 911. Be safe……
I didn’t think about the eggs… how they will smear, but good to know! Unfortunately my neighbors’ car got egged the other day.. so this could happen!"

An actual 'mom forward' from my mom with her added input in quotes.
If you don't know what a 'mom forward' is. You are lucky.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

romantic distortion

"An international group of musicians [Maria Weissgold (Praha), Murphy Tatcher (Johannesburg), Valentino Cawalho (Barcelona), Blake Colby (Houston), Steen Foss Andersen (Copenhagen) and Emad El Din Naguib (Cairo)] met in Berlin Dec. '82. All sessions on this tape are played and recorded 1120 feet under the surface of the earth".
After me and my ex broke up he sent me this. It was a project we both dug. I was surprised he went through all the trouble to get it. I imagine there aren't many copies of this floating around.


From Lux ❤

If you have any x-rays that you are willing to give up email pleaseee.
I'm also looking for human teeth. I'm super serious.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

the need - rachel carnsss ❤

the Need just recently got back together for a few shows benefiting their friend Natalie who was diagnosed with cancer. Rachel Carns having just beat cancer it was quite fitting they did this show in support of their friend. I was supposed to go to the Portland show last night, but couldn't make it and am super bummed as the Need is the most influential band in my life. I remember getting their cd 'the need is dead' from my mentor when I was 14. It changed my whole outlook on female musicians. Seeing Rachel's stand up drumming style blew my mind. I really love how the drums are front and center. I've always been way into drums, at shows my gaze is mostly fixated on the drummer...I love watching them in their zone, it looks as if they are having an out of body experience...and I truly love being apart of that. Rachel is def one of those people I love watching.

Anyway here is a small clip from the Olympia show a few days ago.

And here she is in '99. She is amazing.

Friday, July 23, 2010

mossy roots


My friend Dallin Kapp recently put out the album RIP YOUR HEART OUT under the name MOSSY ROOTS. It is really raw and wonderful. Please feel free to download it.

conundrummer 'zen buy'