Monday, February 28, 2011


Here is some music written for or inspired by me that I adore.

In Loving, We Dissolve is an album written by someone whom I no longer speak to the description of this album is self explanatory. But it still is a wonderful album and I'm even sampled in one of the songs, although, I prefer not to say which one.

'If We're Still Friends...' & 'Every Ripple'  are by the person who did the above album, in these he sings.

'Anal Catt' is made by the same person who did the above album/songs when I pressured him into doing a more noisier song for me, I love the way it came out.

'Aurie' is a song written by a friend Dallin Kapp...we were both going through some hard times and he wrote this great song with me in mind which is on Rip Your Heart Out a great album he put together.

'Catt Don't Die' is by Zachary Rowden his music is beautiful and mellow.

'Play With Mee' is by Luxxieeee [Lux Xzymhr] who makes death sound heavenlyyy.


  1. i wrote a song about uuuuuuu. my last comment may or may not have worked//

  2. i didn't know if you would want me to put it upppp...but i am gunna!!!

  3. i wrote a whole ep for you and you forgot all about it "songs for aurie catt" don't be a faggot

  4. haha it's the dumbest song ever but i <3 u.

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